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Application & Specification (ERW)

Oil & Gas Sector

API     :5L
IS     :1978, 1979

Automotive Industry

BS     :6323 (Pt-V)
IS     :3601, 3074

Boiler, Heater Exchanger, Superheater, Air Heater & Condenser

ASTM     :A-178, A-214, A-333, A-334
BS     :3059(P-I & P-II), 6323(Pt-V)
IS     :1914(Pt-IV), 2416(Pt-IV), 11714(Pt-III)


IS     :1239(Pt-I), 1161


Mechanical, Structural & General Engineering

IS     :1161, 3601, 4923

BS     :6323(Pt-V)

Water, Gas & Sewage

ASTM     :3589, 1239(Pt-I)
BS     :1387
DIN     :2440, 2441
ISO     :65

Water Well

IS     :4270

Black & Galvanized

ERW Steel Tubes Conforming to IS:1239(i) Equivalent to BS:1387 & Structural Tubes Conforming to IS:1161

Dimensions & Weight (Kg/M)

ERW Pipes for water & sewage conforming to IS:3589 & water well casing conforming to IS:4270

Dimensions & Weight (Kg/M)

ERW Line Pipes Conforming

API     :5L
IS     :1978, 1979
ASTM     :A-53

Dimensions & Weight (Kg/M)/(LB/Ft)

ERW Boiler, Super Heater, Heat Exchanger, Condenser & Air Heater Tubes & Pipes

Dimensions & Weight (Kg/M)/

Chemical Composition & Mechanical Properties
Square and Rectangular Hollow Section
Manufacturing & Testing Flow Diagram
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